Automated popups for abbreviations

I'm new... and while the sticky threads are helpful, I feel like I need a tab open with the acronyms constantly.

On other vbb I utilize (for my boxer/parrots/kids car seats), they use a little pop up tool to help sort out all the common abbreviations.
The vboards were programmed to recognizes certain strings of characters... like "dh" and underline them when used with a string of tiny dots. The forum users can then "hover" their mouse over the dotted/underlined word and a little pop up box comes up by their mouse with the definition, ie: "dear husband".

Defiantly makes it easier to catch on when your new. Hope it wouldn't be too hard to incorporate this feature!

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Great idea, hollytiel! I'll propose it to the team!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I'd love this functionality!!

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I think it's a great idea for newbies. However I would also like the option to turn it off.
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Agree with both OP and asianrunner, I think it would be incredibly helpful for newbies, but as someone who isn't so much of a newbie, I'd also like the option to turn it off.
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Good point, Kimmi. I'll add that to the request.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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