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Is Saria using fowl language and cursing like a sailor again? tsk tsk. : )

I love raw cookie dough - chocolate chip especially. But the fake cookie dough stuff they put in ice cream is too sweet and not the same.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
Meh, the word was censored in the image. There was no trying to circumvent the censor. If the word hadn't been censored that would have been trying to get around it since it would have shown in the image, but context is completely ignored on this board on a regular basis when it comes to rules.
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Saria, your post contained a word that cannot be used on the board. The use of asterisks in place of some the letters is considered to be circumventing the rules by using odd characters as the rules so state.

KEEP IT CLEAN, PLEASE. Express yourself freely. But get your message across without resorting to foul language. Postings that contain vulgar or obscene language will not be tolerated in our community. Don't rearrange letters or use odd characters to circumvent the censors. As for photos, keep them tasteful. We want everyone to feel comfortable here. Mods reserve the right to edit a post to remove vulgar or obscene language or images if the original poster refuses to do so.

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