Is only one guide making decisions?

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because there are multiple moderators listed. and the fact that only one is making decisions or answering questions makes me question decisions. If there are reasons why, I'm honestly curious. Hoping this isn't a tolitarian message board where dissent is punished.
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Hello! No, let me assure you there is a group of us. Whenever a complaint is reported, we all see it. No action is really taken without checking with everyone first. It's discussed, the rules are reviewed, and action is decided upon.
You may see one mod who posts the results of that discussion more often than others, but there is always discussion behind it, and most often a complaint brought it to the mods' attentions.
As Guide36 said, there are multiple mods. We discuss things, and I said that in my announcement posted last week.

Not all mods are able to be on CurlTalk all the time, as you can imagine. There are shifts and certain responsibilities. For example, some mods volunteer their time for deleting spam and some have more time to volunteer for interaction and discussing things on the board at length. I appreciate the mods who take the time out of their day to keep answering questions. It's definitely a team effort.
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