Sexy Hair Concepts, Paul Mitchell, & Frizz Ease Serum

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Hi I am new, I did want to share my experience with the above named products. I have thick curly/wavy highlighted hair and I relax my hair every 3 months, when my hair is straight it hits my shoulder blade, but when I wear it curly it hits my shoulder. I recently started wearing curly mor often and I use frizz ease hair serum right after I wash and conditon my hair, then I use Paul Mitchell "Super Sculpt" sculpting glaze, then I use "Curly Sexy Hair" curl enhancer by Sexy hair concepts. I let my hair dry naturally, and scrunch my hair up when it dries. It gives me great curl formation, and it's not sticky, nor is it crunchy. It leaves me with beautiful soft to touch curls. I only have 1 problem because I relax my hair, I can't seem to get any body on the hair close to my scalp. The first 3 inches cloder to my scalp kinda lay flat as the rest of my hair curls up. I was hoping I could get help or any suggestions to lift the flat part and make it curly or give it volume. Thanks
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