Missing information about silicones


I originally posted this question in General Discussion About Curly Hair, and I decided to leave it there too in case users have comments as well. I hope that's okay.

I have a question about information that used to be on the site.

On this page: About Silicones
there used to be a table that lists what type of ingredients remove each type of silicone. In fact, in the article it says, "The following table lists the main types of silicones found in hair care formulations. It also indicates whether or not they are water soluble and includes which surfactants can be used to ensure good removal of the silicone from the hair."

Where is this table? It's no longer on the page? Could you return the information, please? Or is the information somewhere else now? I found a page about common ingredients in hair products that listed silicones and whether they're water soluble, but it didn't have the information about what type of ingredient removes them, so it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I used to refer to that table in choosing hair products, so I'm really lost now! That's what I get for not printing it out, I suppose.

Thank you; I appreciate it!!
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Good catch. When we brought everything over from the old site, we missed a few things. I'll add that to my list of things to fix.
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You are beautiful!
Please see this. I can't get the table to display correctly, but I think you can see what goes where.
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You are beautiful!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
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good stuff....i been wondering about a few ingredients that didnt end in 'cone ...thanks so much i can now start this cg process over....
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And this talks about the -xane cones.
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