A question about the discussion board???

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Hi Gretchen...it's me...the computer guru...my question is this...if I am responding to someones reply from another person's original post.....(i.e. Mary posted the original topic....Joan replied....now I want to ask Joan a question) ....how will Joan be alerted that I have asked her a question if it is under Mary's original post??? OR do I have to post a question to Joan by sumitting a new topic???? ...I hope this question is not too dumb for words...but it's that side of my brain...I am a very visual person so sometimes I just don't get it...
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Amy, I'm not sure! My understanding was that only the original poster of the first msg would be notified. But why don't you do a test and see if replying to a reply alerts the replier. (What? haha!)
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Gretchen...It doesn't work... Sometimes I forget where I asked someone a question or notice that someone did not answer a question of mine and I'm not sure if they ever even saw it cuz they didn't post the original post. ...On the old message board you'd just scan for your name to see if anything was new....I wonder if there's anyway to get around this...(Aren't you glad there's people like me on board to constantly challange you

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