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06-04-1999 07:42 PM

We need to speak to a chemist...:)
One more suggestion....I was asked to post this after a hearty debate regarding silicones and if they were harmful or not to our hair...There seems to be a lack of scientific knowledge amongst us and a true desire of many of us to educate ourselves as curly head consumers on whether or not these silcones are harmful or if there are good or bad silicones etc. Do you think we could schedule a chat with some OBJECTIVE members of the product chemistry community (or whoever they may be) to straighten us all out on these soduim laureth sulfate, SD alcohol, dimethicone silicone rumors that are causing quite a panic. It would be SO helpful before we all talk ourselves out of products that may be quite beneficial or even (gasp) healthy for our curls?????

06-05-1999 10:28 AM

We need to speak to a chemist...:)
I think this a fabulous idea! Gretchen, Michelle?

06-07-1999 12:11 AM

We need to speak to a chemist...:)
I think this is a fantastic idea! I have been reading a lot of labels, and most products contain something "cone". I called the Matrix Customer Service line, and the rep spoke with one of their chemists. I got the impression that silicones are bad for your hair, but not all ingredients ending in "cone" were silicones!?! I would like to know specifically what ingredients to avoid.

06-07-1999 09:52 AM

We need to speak to a chemist...:)
This sounds like a great idea. We'll try to find someone who is knowledgeable about "cones."

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