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Would it be possible to get info/interview with Gloria Reuben (ER) and/or Lisa Nicole Carson (Ally McBeal/ER) to find out what they use on their curly hair? This would be esp. helpful for me and the other multi-culti curlyheads!

Also, with the tools section, would it be possible to list the products either by rating or manufacturer?

Thanks! Love this site !!!
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We've tried, without much success, to get celebs to talk to us about their hair, but their PR people tend to be a bit, well, snippy with us. Guess we're not quite "big" enough for them to talk to yet! We'll keep working on it, though.

There's much we'd like to do with the Tools section in terms of putting the items into a searchable database. I've looked into it, and unfortunately, for now, the cost is prohibitive. While we love Naturallycurly with all our might, Michelle and I aren't making enough buckage to pay a couple thousand dollars for the database. Maybe someday, when we get famous!

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