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I'm 35 and have very curly hair,and know after years of wanting long blonde straight hair, I have grown to love the hair I have.
My secret to easy hair is to leave it alone! it's very tempting to play around with your hair but believe me if you wash it with any good shampoo that suits your hair type,rinse and do not rub with the towel, apply some moose and don't touch it until it's dry, having let this happen naturally your hair will be lovely. Also try tying you hair up on top of your head (if it's long enough)before you go to bed as this helps keep the curl from frizzing while your asleep. Most important of all is to enjoy your hair and thank nature that you don't have to wash and blow dry every day.
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Thanks for the wonderful positive message. It is nice to reach a point when you can appreciate your hair.


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