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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site! But please do some more product reviews on shampoos, conditioners and styling products sold in drugstores, discount stores and supermarkets. Most of the salon products reviewed, while they sound terrific, are out of my price range. In particular, I'd be interested in reviews of St. Ives, Freeman and Suave.

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We have a few Suave and Freeman products but we'll take a shopping trip this weekend to add more. We will be adding a bunch of Aussie products over the next couple of weeks.
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Thanks Michelle!
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I thinks it great how you review all the products for us first! But where on earth do you get the time to try all those products!?? and the money??? Isn't it expensive?? I just can't imagine trying so many products! but thanks for investing the time and the money to help all of us curlies
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Excellent questions!
Some of the products we buy (that's why we hawk our t-shirts and other goodies so we'll have money to buy products to test for you!) and some products the haircare companies send to us. Several have gotten word of us and want us to review their products.

And you're right; it is hard to test them all! Even when we find one we like, we have to set it aside and keep testing new ones. Every day is new shampoo, new conditioner, new styling products, etc. Some days I go to work looking GOOD, other days, well, you can guess!

Thanks for being a part of the curlyworld!

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Just found this site today after a referral from a woman on's chat site. this is awesome. I'm 27 and have struggled for YEARS with my hair. What a relief to find I made a HUGE list of products you rated 3 or 4 curls, and I am excited to go to the store and find some of them.

There was no review of Molding Mud by Sebastian (Paul Mitchell???). It's about $17-20 for a tub, but it lasts a long time. It is very, very sticky but pretty effective for me. You should review it for your visitors. I save it for special occassions, but now that I found you site, I will experiment with even more products.
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Thanks for the tip, layla72.
We'll see if we can get ahold of some and review it.

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