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Thank you so much, Gretchen & Michelle! The updates are super, as is the whole site. It's so nice to FINALLY have a forum to talk with others who understand the curl factor. The pix section is really helpful, as trying to find pictures of new hairdos for natural curls is next to impossible. In fact, I was trying to do that on the net when I discovered your site! Please also consider including pictures of the subtypes (i.e. 3a, 3b, etc.) in the new Andre section, or maybe a running list of celebrities with those subtypes.


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That is so funny! That is exactly what I was doing when I found this website as well. I'm always looking for another way that I can do my hair without it looking silly, frizzy, or some such. Then once I find a 'do I think I would like I can never figure out how to do it right :0

I agree, the curlypix page is a big help to see some beautiful curly-q's and their 'do's..
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Thanks to both of you for your kind comments.

Alissa, we'll try to find more photos of people with the various hair types; that's a good idea.


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