Naturally Curly Caps Request

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I know that you left out the other part of the slogan so the guys could get in on purchasing the bb caps, but I was wondering if you were/are planning on making some caps with the complete slogan.

I would love to have one that said for the girls with curls on the front of the cap and on the back naturally curly... naturally proud... or if you are not planning on doing one can we request to have one special made?

I just ordered the bb cap, and hope to get a tee shirt in a few weeks...

Look forward to hearing your response.

Also I love this site, not so sure my pocket book does but hey I am having fun learning and experimenting with new products.

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i too would love to have a cap with the complete slogan....for the bad hair days which seem to occur far too often!
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We've thought about doing a cap with "Curl Power" on the back (like the coffee mugs), but hadn't considered the other ideas. Michelle and I will talk about it. It might be a while, however, before we can afford to extend the product line. Like yours, Marlene,'s pocketbook's a bit thin!
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That would be great if the caps were created, to have the matching tee with the hat. Please keep us posted about the caps...

I can see how pocket book could be a bit thin with trying all sorts of products and all, at least some companys donate products for you to try which should fatten up your pocket book some by not having to shell out your own personal funds, plus with the sales of your items that should help as well.

Speaking of products when you try the products how long do you gals use it? One time or over a period of a few weeks?

Also how do you determine how many curls the product gets? and what do you take into consideration of the curl scale?

I'd be interested in knowing how you decide what product gets one curls as to another gets four etc...

Look forward to hearing your input and keep up the good work.

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