Hair Type Discriptions In User Profile?

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Hello Ladies,
I love the site. What about adding a section in the user profile where people can list a short or indepth decription of their hair.
I've listed mine in the section intitled 'Interests' (although my username gives a pretty big hint about my hair it doesn't tell the whole story).
Most people forget to list a description of their hair every time they post so it would be helpful for everyone involved if we could have a description handy at a click of the mouse.

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what a great idea. i'll check to see whether i can make a field for entering that information. when i get back from vacation next week!
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Hello gretchen,
I was wondering if this idea was still doable?
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I couldn't find a way to edit those fields to put that info. in. But let me check with one more source who might know.

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