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Gretchen, I can't get the Aussie or Aveda links to work. Is it me?

Also, here are another couple to add: Freeman (
PETA's List of Companies that Don't Test on Animals (

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Argh. Me, either! They must've changed their addresses or gone offline or something. I'll fix it tonight. Thanks for the alert, Poodle!
And I'll add the other suggestions, too.
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Actually, Gretchen, before you go hunting... I noticed that a couple of those have an extra space in the URL. Probably just a typo. I know that's definitely the case with the Aussie site. So it's probably a simple fix.
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Thanks, AmyWoman; I discovered that last night when I went to figure out what was going on. Anyway, I think I fixed.
Plus, I added several more links!

Thanks to both of you for your help!

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