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I just discovered this site now and LOVE IT!! As a curly-headed child of straight-haired parents, I spent every morning before school crying as my mother tore a hairbrush through my unruly hair. Throughout high school I wore a ponytail. 4 straight years--when I see people from high school now they say, "wow, lauren! did you get a perm?"
However, information in magazines tends to ignore those of us blessed enough to have bouncy and curly hair. I have gone through about 89,000 different hair products looking for something that isn't heavy, won't frizz, crunch, flatten, or chunck up my hair. Out of fear, I have stuck with John Frieda's frizz ease products, but I am now beginning to realize that there is so much more out there, thanks to you guys!
And now that curly hair is coming back, I gloat at my friends who try to put all this goop in their hair to make it look like my natural look. Ha! No more ponytail for me. Curly heads are blessed heads!
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Welcome! We're glad to have you!

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