I still wish we could delete our own posts!

I know this topic has come up frequently over the years, but I can't help but wish it all over again. I have posted a topic on the parents of curlies board and later figured I should delete it since it's a redundant topic. Hardly anyone has had a chance to read it by the time I edited it down to nothing, and that said, if I was able to delete it...it wouldn't have hurt anyone since really no one has read it.

On a side note...doesn't this year mark the 10th Anniversary of this website? No wait...it was last year since as I recall this site had no graphics in late 1998, right? Then in 1999 it changed where we became "members" where our chosen usernames required a password. Technically, I've been here since 1998, but have been a member since 1999.

Hi Paula!

I'm sorry; we're pretty firm on not allowing users to delete their own posts.

Yes! 10 years! We celebrated 10 years of being a site in September, and CurlTalk went up shortly thereafter.
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You are beautiful!

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