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please delete mine as well.
Why make more work for Gretchen? She has enough to do to keep this place running without having people throwing hissy fits and demanding that their accounts be deleted. If you're sick of this site, just quit coming here....
I'm with Anthro - can't you just stop posting to the board? Can't you just block all PMs and not post anymore? Why does the account have to be "officially" removed [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img] I'm bewildered.
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I asked to be deleted last week for my own reasons. OK? Just following up on an email exchange between me and Gretchen- then I found out about the Independent thing.
I'm not sick of this site, I'm sick of you. I won't "quit coming here".

And you should talk, poor Gretchen has to clean up after your fits.
I don't understand why you must be deleted? Do you really have such little self control that you have to have your account deleted?

Why? You can still lurk, you can just re-register... why are you asking her to delete your acct?

Can you explain logically and with any validity why your account needs to be deleted, versus why you can't just go away and refrain from visiting and/or posting?

Why is it the admins job to control your behaivor?

Your point was made, you don't like 'us' or this board anymore, we get it. So leave already if you are so inclined, but this is ridiculous.

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