How often do you wash?

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I have oily skin and an oily scalp. For a while I thought I'd never be able to not wash near daily without my scalp getting disgusting. I found that I was able to slowly transition (it took me several years) to be able to cowash a couple times a week and low poo once a week or once every two weeks, without my scalp getting really gross. I do have to really scrub my scalp with the cowash, and it was slow and it wasn't fun. Going from low poo every other day to every three days for example gave me weeks of greasy hair before my scalp adjusted and I just had to trust that it would and stick with it. I do still have to clarify regularly because of buildup on my hair, but that seems to vary based on time of year, more clarifying in summer, less in winter (also more low poo in summer and less in winter).
For me, it depends on what my hair is doing. I wash anywhere from every 2 days to once a week. I mostly go by how my scalp is feeling and if my hair feels funky.
Lately, I have been cowashing twice a week. I use my Q-redew in the morning, and dampen my hair a little with my hands, then mix a small amount of LI and water and smooth it over my hair if it is feeling dry, and if it feel like I need more hold I do the same thing with gel.
And every once in a while, I use a sulfate free shampoo if my hair feels yucky.

3A, a mix of boticelli, corkicelli, and a few s-waves, baby fine, naturally porous, medium/high density

Pre-poo: coconut oil
Co-wash: TJ's Tea Tree Tingle, Sauve Naturals, VO5, As I Am coconut co-wash
Conditioner: TJ's Nourish, Tresseme Naturals, Sauve Naturals coconut, SM Coconut & Hibiscus
Styling: DevaCurl Light Defining Gel, HETT Mousse (HG's!)
EcoStyler Krystal (new HG!!!), BRHG
coconut oil or jojoba oil to SOTC
Color treated with demi-permanent color to cover first grays

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