CURLS and Jane Carter at Target!

That's cool, but alas, the closest stores are an hour from me!! Guess I'll still order online!
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The JC and SheaM websites list the same stores as the Miss Jessie's in my area and all sites list the 28th as the date of availability. I'm thinking the Curls list may not be complete. It seems as if Target is bringing these new lines to certain stores and I don't understand why all 4 lines wouldn't be available at the same stores.

I'm planning a Target trip tomorrow. Someone please help me curb my PJism!
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Well the nearest to me is in Los Angeles. Come on Target--San Diego is a MAJOR metropolitan area!
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Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

They only have 1 in the Middle Atlantic - about 2 hours from me

I'll order online with free shipping for now.
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Oooohh, the Miss Jessie's site lists 4 Targets in my area and one is only 5 minutes from work! I will have to pop in there on Monday and see what they have!
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I ran to Target this morning after the grocery and they had the Curls products at my store! I was so excited and surprised as it was not included on the list posted the other day! I'm in Columbus, Ohio. They also had Miss Jessie's products, Jane Carter Solutions products and labels for the Shea Moisture products, though none were on the shelves yet. I was surprised to see they had the 16oz Baby Buttercream from Miss Jessie's at $58! I know that is the regular price, just wasn't expecting to see the large size at that price point at Target I behaved and just picked up the Curls Creme Brule and Lavish Curls refresher spray. Hoping they have the SheaMoisture condish that I've seen lots of people mention soon!

Now if only all the planets could align and they would carry Curl Junkie, I would be in hair product heaven! (as well as bankruptcy court but whatever)
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NONE at all in Texas? Well, that bites.

Originally Posted by wookiemouse
I'm not sure where in Texas you are, but the Eastchase Store in Fort Worth had Curls, Miss Jessie's and Jane Carter products. Yeah!
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NONE at all in Texas? Well, that bites.

Originally Posted by wookiemouse
I'm not sure where in Texas you are, but the Eastchase Store in Fort Worth had Curls, Miss Jessie's and Jane Carter products. Yeah!
Originally Posted by Maci
Sweet! The one in Arlington didn't, but I'm going to check out the Grand Prairie store this weekend, hopefully. The Miss Jessie's site said that store carries their products.
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I was in Target yesterday and today and didn't see the Curls products at all and I looked all over the Beauty/Hair section.

Just out of curiosity I went on today when I got home from being in the store and used their "Find in Store" button. It said it was in stock in the store I was just in. I'm guessing they just haven't made room for it yet, and it's still sitting in the back (technically "in stock").

I didn't ask anyone since I've already ordered online, but hopefully it will be easier to find next time (if I end up liking it).
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Great hair today! I used the Target Creme Brulee today as a base then put a little Gel'es'c. I still had some frizz, so I put more Creme Brulee on top.

My hair dried within a couple of hours. No clumps, just soft even curls with little shrinkage. I've never used the regular Curls Milkshake; so I'm not sure how it compares.

The only thing I could ask for is a less sweet or weaker scent. It's called Creme Brulee, but it smelled more like almond cookie - a little too sweet for me. Fortunately, it faded after my hair dried. This is definitely a keeper!
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