Crossing the Atlantic

Hey everyone

Finally, I'm going to see my love again! In two weeks I'll be leaving and it's a lot sooner than I thought I'd see him again.

Only, I live in a cold, humid climate and he lives in a warm, dry climate. I know I should change my routine - which I finally have down after 6 weeks - and I'm dreading the change...

Are there any specific things I should pay attention to?

I have dry, porous hair which is extremely frizz prone. I cowash daily, use FSG and a hard hold gel. I regularly do a PT with yogurt and DTs with coconut milk and condish. Will these still work in the warm, dry weather?

The water where he lives has a lot of chlorine in it (mine doesn't at all, although it has a high ph value), should I use specific products for this? What do you recommend?

Since I'm going to the US, any products I might want to stock up on?


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Watch out for humectants - glycerine, honey, and aloe can all cause problems in warm dry areas. I'm currently back in the US from the UK and I seriously didn't realise just how DRY it was here (despite having lived here for 24 years before moving away). I have basically had to stop using anything with significant amounts of aloe in it, and absolutely no glycerin. Honey, for some reason, seems okay, so long as it's in my leave in rather than my rinse-out.

As far as stuff to stock up on - you may want to give Suave a try for co-wash (can be gotten cheaply at Wal-Mart), and also give the new Tresemme Naturals a go. Plus, if your boyfriend doesn't mind, you can always buy things from curlmart and only pay $10 for shipping (rather than the $70-odd it costs to send stuff overseas). Just keep in mind you have to fit it all in your suitcase to get back home.

Have a lovely time!
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