using a sock diffuser?

I picked up a sock diffuse at Sally's yesterday, and tried it this morning. are you supposed to stick it right into your hair, or hold it at a distance? My hair dried faster, but it came out frizzier with less curl definition.

Any tips?

When I use my sock diffuser, I don't stick into my hair because the material catches the hair, disrupting the curl. I keep the sock an inch or so away from the hair. I cup my hand, with fingers spread and use it as you would a bowl diffuser. Then I direct the sock diffuser at the hair that is cupped in my hand. HTH
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Got a sock diffuser. The first time I used it, I brought it up to my hair, and I was left with a frizzy mess, because the sock kept sticking to my hair. The second time I used it, I saw a videoclip on Youtube of how it is used, and figured it isn't supposed to touch the hair, but I still could never figure out how to get my hair not to frizz. I bought it because I thought it would save me some time, but I just went back to air-drying again, because I just really think I couldn't figure out how to use it. Probably gave up too easily though.
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Thank you both for your replies. I'll try the method of cupping hair in my hand and holding it away from my hair tomorrow.

You both have beautiful hair!


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