Something other than gel or mousse?

For years I've been using mousse in the winter and gel in the summer. I like my mousse, but I've never found a gel I really like. So maybe I should try a different type of styling product in the summer.

Any ideas? What does a curl cream do? I'd like something to define the curls, but not weigh them down. I think I'd rather have a few flyaways (but only a few ) than have heavy, producty hair. But with the increase in humidity, I need to control the fluff. I'd also like to find something else for extra hold at the sides. My hair is short and I don't like when the sides flop into my face.
what about trying a pomade type product? That wont weigh your hair down and you could just apply it where you needed it. KC I know does one.
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I tried a pomade a few years ago. Or rather, someone tried it on me. A woman I met at an inn somewhere had short, curly hair and said, "try this!" My curls became well-defined, but I felt as if I had Vaseline in my hair. I remember sitting on a high-back sofa and being afraid to let my head touch it. It could have been the brand, or improper application (user ) so I am open to trying it again, but I'll need suggestions.

I was in the same situation a little while ago...deciding between mousse and gel. I decided to try something different, and love what I use now.

I switched to Soma Rage Creme, which I love! I get it at Trade Secret (I don't know if you have one near you), or just go to Soma's website to look for salons that sell it.

It's a rich creme (that smells like watermelon!) and has wonderful ingredients. It doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down at all. I use it in winter and summer...sometimes with a little Herbal Essences SMU gel.

I scrunch a few quarter sized amnts into my hair, then diffuse upside down, and it works great for me.

Hope that helps!!
Talk about trying something different! Never heard of it. I do have a Trade Secret nearby and will check it out. Thank you. Have you tried it without diffusing? I usually air dry.
I have not tried it without diffusing...but I diffuse everyday anyway. You'd have to try it out, I'm not sure what the result would be. But you can return things at Trade Secret, so return it if it doesn't work!

Soma is a great brand..I'm not sure why more people don't use it. Ph balanced, organic ingredients, no alcohols, no sulfates. It's wonderful! I use their volumizing spray (because I like volume), then scrunch and smooth the creme all through my hair. It holds my curls nicely (fine, 3a) but isn't crunchy.

Also, when I don't use Soma, I use Giovanni's leave in, then a lot of Herbal Essences Set me up...that's also a great combo for me
I probably should have asked about your hair as well. And what kind of climate you live in Now, I don't need any more volume. Does this product have hold? And I'm guessing more people havent used it because it has silicones in it. If TS still has their Tuesday morning discounts, I'll wait until then.
I live in Boston, and find I can use it year round. It does have hold, I guess that depends on your definition of 'hold'. I like my hair to be soft, but still defined. This can be crunchy at first, but it scrunches out.

Some people like a ton of hold, and like their hair to be hard. I don't like that feeling on my hair...I like products that are a bit softer.
I hope people are not using it just because it has silicones...

It has cyclomethicone in it, but that can be removed with low poo or co-washing. I've never had problems with buildup

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