which conditioner is the culprit?

I've noticed some bad build-up on my scalp that is nearly impossible to remove completely......a lo-poo won't even cut it, so I've been forced to use a regular shampoo (which I said I'd never do again when I went cg 6 months ago). I am pretty sure it's from one of my conditioners. I am currently rotating 3 different ones and I'm trying to figure out which it is. I'm using Giovanni TTTT, AOHR, and Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin seed. I also use a tiny dime size amount of Giovanni direct leave-in. I have a faint memory of someone possibly saying AOHR was leaving a film on their hair. What I am scraping off my scalp (sorry, gross, I know) seems waxy/oily and most similar to the AOHR. Do you think that's the one that is causing my problem?
Out of the list you've given, I would point the finger at AOHR, but just because it's the heaviest and is very oil intensive, which can lead to build-up on some people. Maybe try eliminating that conditioner and see if the problem goes away....

It's also possible that you either simply need to lo-poo regularly, or that your initial cleanse didn't remove everything and you need to start over.

Do you use anything other than the conditioners and leave-in you've mentioned?
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I use Herbal Essences set me up gel over the leave in.

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