Who/which side of the family did you inherit your curly hair from?

My mom had ringlets when she was littler, but now it has turned into loose waves. However, my mom's sister has very tight ringlets.

But here is the catch: I used to have pin straight hair. My hair started to curl last summer (my mom says its puberty!). But my sister, 2 years younger than me, had tight ringlets in her underneath hair and now she has pin straight hair.

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Both sides. My mom's a 3-something and my father is a 4-something. I have a lot going on in my hair. The under layer is predominantly a loose 4a/3c curl that has my mom's texture (silky, flyaway) and the top layer is predominantly tight 4a with my father's texture.
layer cake of tight, spongy and silky/thready S strands that kink more than they coil
spiced with a few spiral coils and non-curling waves
mostly medium and fine with a sprinkle of coarse strands
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Both my mother and father were curlies. My mother is more 3c/4a -- she has more hair than any 3 humans should be allowed to have. My father was thinnish 3b/3c. I think I lean more towards my father's genes here. Bummage.
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My Dad's side. I love looking at old pictures from the mid to late 70's, when he had the funniest looking white boy pseudo 'fro (to match that awesome mustache)
Neither of my parents are curlies, but there are curlies on both sides of the family.
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Mostly my mom's... my mom's sister and her daughters (my cousins) have curly hair. Its the dark irish curly hair... but my dad's hair was light, so I have light brown hair. my dad's hair was longish - chin length when they got married... oh the late 70's! it was wavy then...
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Diffuser dependent!
From my Papi. His hair is 3c prolly, Mom's hair was stick straight Asian hair.
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From my dad's side. He is the eldest of five kids...all of them curlies. My dad always encouraged me to love my curls!
From both sides, though probably more so from my father's side.

There are wavies sporadically on my mom's side and she says my grandfather had curly hair before his health problems set in. Very few of my cousins on my mom's side of the family have curly or wavy hair that I'm aware of, but there are only 2 girls and the boys keep their hair cut really short, so it's hard to tell. One girl has straight hair you can't curl for nothin'. The other girl has curly (probably 3a/3b hair) hair.

On the other hand, almost every cousin (and my dad's brother) on my dad's side of the family has curly hair, though there is only one girl on that side, the guys have curly hair even with it cut short. Their kids almost all have curly hair.

So I would say it's probably a mixture with it heavily leaning on my dad's side.

Definitely my Dad's side. My mother has straight board hair!!
My dad. My mom's hair is perfectly straight and my dad's is really kinky. My brother got my mom's hair.
Neither side? I'm the odd-duck in my family with my hair, none of my sisters/parents/grand-parents have curly or even wavy hair (although I have a cousin on both sides that have curly/wavy hair...)

My mom claimed she was the cause of my curls. When I was a baby I didn't have much hair at all, so she started massaging my head to try and get the hair to grow, and when it finally did it was all curls. And due to having no curly haired role models, my hair was a frizzy rats nest mess for yeeaaaarrrs. I think it made my mom regret the massaging technique
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Definitely my mom who probably has 3a curls (not that you can tell b/c she always straightens it ) my dad has really straight hair with loooads of shine thought
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I got it from my dad's side of the family. My dad has curly brown hair (mostly white by now). My mother had straight, thin blond hair.

I was always criticized by both of them for not brushing my hair. The more I brushed, the worse it looked, but to them it looked like I never bothered to brush it. Since my dad kept his hair very short, it always looked neat.

Eventually, I cut my hair very short, and that was how I kept it looking neat. Now I'm growing my hair out and learning to accept my waviness.
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Both my parents have straight hair, but I still get it from my mother's side. Many of my aunts have curly hair.

my mom has wavy hair and most people on her side have wavy or pin straight hair, but everyone has thick hair...

my dad's side has very curly hair. My aunt is a 3b, while my father and his other sister are wavy-haired.
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It is odd for me, Dad's curl mixed with mom's volume, color, and type (ex: early to gray lol) Just waiting for that one
I get my curls from my dad's side. Both my father and my grand mother were curlies. I get my baby fine hair from my mother however.

The Irish blood runs hot on my dad's side. Curly Redheads & Freckles! :P
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My father's side. My grand ma has curly 3b curls and my dad's youngest sister all the others (my dad has 8 brothers and sisters) have pretty much wavy hair at most. Everybody in my mother's family has an almost straight hair.
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My mom's side. Practically everyone on that side of the family has curly hair.

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