what's up ladies?!?!

Hey everyone! I haven't been around for a little bit so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. It's officially been a little over a year now that I've been doing the CG method. I think I've finally found a routine that I'm pretty happy with. Right now I'm using the Suave coconut for a co wash and 50:50 for a rinse out. Since the weather has warmed up again I'm back to using the GFTN for my leave in. This seems to have had the greatest impact on my hair. I really like what it does. Good definition and shine and makes my hair soo soft. My hair is getting so long now. When it's wet it's past BSL when it's dry it's between my shoulders and BSL. I've finally become pretty happy with it on a regular basis. There are still days where it gives me fits but this is Florida so what are you gonna do?

I'll try to get some pictures up for you soon. I've been away for awhile. My husband and I separated in January and are now filing for divorce. After 17 years together it's all very amicable and we're both much happier this way. We've decided that we just make better friends that husband and wife. So I've been dealing with all that since the beginning of the year and just haven't had much time to get on since I've got the boys during the week by myself. At 3 and 4 years old they are a hand full! How's everyone been?
CG - 3/27/09
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Just busying growing. Teaching my hemline to get along with my brastrap.
Tinah! I was thinking of you the other day and wondered where you went! Welcome back. :-)

Pity about the divorce and all, but at least it seems like its best for everyone.
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Tinah, I too am divorced and raised my two boys alone. They're grown now, but I totally understand about the business of your life lately, and the boys being "a handful". Hang in there girl. You'll make it.
I wanna see new hair pictures! I know you can TELL me how long it is, but I wanna see. Pretty please?
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Goob - I'll work on it! I promise. We could always just get together and you could see for yourself!!

Oddity - I was thinking about you the other day too!! The hives are getting a lot better! How about you?
CG - 3/27/09
3b - dry - medium texture/medium porosity!
Co wash/rinseout/leave in: currently auditioning products
Styling: lube and BRHG

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