New Shea Moisture Products @ Target

Has anyone tried these? I saw the thread on the 4a forum but I'm wondering if these would work for less course, less thick, etc. curls. Thanks
I have 3C/4A hair, and I tried the Restorative Masque/Smoothie. It was wonderful! It's not super thick, but it's creamy. I washed my hair, put the smoothie in and left it overnight...when I washed it out the next morning, my hair was super soft and it smelled great. I wash my hair basically every day, and my hair still smelled like the product for the next two

I'm glad Target started carrying these...I think I might try the shampoo and conditioner too.
I just picked up the conditioner today. It was the only one left! I can't wait to try it tomorrow.
Thanks ladies! Tia let me know how you like it.
I tried the Curl Enhancing Cream and although I did keep a lot of volume, other than that, nothing else good happened. It is now the end of the day and my curl has turned into a poofy producty mess, no definition and no real curl enhancement. It will be on the swap board, I don't need to try it again.
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I have had good luck with the conditioner so far today. Curls are soft but not droopy at all. Not sure how I feel about the scent, but it isn't such a turn off that I will stop using the product. The consistency is somewhat thick--which is what I find works best for my dry, 3c curls. So far, I am quite happy.
I have the Moisture Retention shampoo (the yellow/gold labeled one) and it roooocks. Really gentle, and it gets my scalp clean without making my hair angry. It has a lot of slippiness to it, which is kind of odd in a shampoo, but I like it because it's really really easy to spread around. I can't decide if I want to try the conditioner or mask first, I'm wondering if they'll be better as cowashes or "real" conditioners...

The scent is interesting - there's a floral note, but also a really sweet note (almost cocoa butter, even though it has shea), with a bit of spice, like cinnamon or nutmeg. I like it, but I'd sniff it in the store if you don't like strong-ish scents.
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