my hair is truly like bikini line hair (CG for 3 yrs). please help

i need help. my hair is truly like bikini line hair. it is that WIRY, stiff, frizzy, puffy and coarse. i've never really seen anyone else with hair like mine because my individual strands are freakishly large and thick- like metal wires.

i'm CG for 3 yrs and i have tried dozens of products. (cowash only, DT weekly, oils; AOHR, Giov Direct Leave-in, KCCC). i watch the protein and moisture levels and use DT often. i have not used flat ironing/etc for years now.

i don't know if a new hair product is really going to make much diffrence b/c my hair is truly that puffy, wiry, frizzy and stiff. this is its natural condition and texture. it sticks straight out. half of the strands stick out and do not stay in the curls.

i have spent my whole life with it pinned up or professionally blown & ironed. and it always looks very unattractive. and stylists treat me with shock and a bit of disdain.

with pregnancy/childbirth, my hair became much more wiry and stiff. at this point, i feel i have no choice but to go to a salon and have my hair pressed out every week. then, my scalp itches and wants to be rinsed in a couple of days (humid climate). and my hair still looks dry and stiff (but less so if flat ironed than natural). with the roller sets that the salons usually want to do, the salon visits take me most of the day. it probably only damages my hair also.

i'm a mom of a toddler son and i don't really have the time to go to a salon.

i just want to be able to care for my own hair and not look like i have bikini line hair on my head. it's just so unflattering with my face and skin type also.

i finally got my DH to take some photos outdoors but now i can't upload them.

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Wow that sounds frustrating! Don't give up yet. Could you post a picture of your hair? I think that would help us give you suggestions as opposed to just a description.

Edit: Just saw the last part of your post. Post a pic when you can. I'm sure even just a cell phone pic would help.
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I'm trying to imagine the hair, but, okay, can't. So, yeah, a pic.

My immediate suggestion--which you will likely hate--is whether you've considered just going with a close-cropped look. Hair like an inch and no more and go with the attitude. I don't know if your bone structure can carry it, but I've seen numerous women who can carry that off beautifully. But it does depend on the bone structure/neck/jawline if this can work well.

For most of us, hair that short is rather horrifying (I totally cannot carry off that kind of thing), but it is an option for instransigent hair.

The other thing I might suggest is getting that Brazilian Blowout which is supposed to eliminate frizz, soften hair.

Sorry it's such a trying thing for you. I hope you can find some good solution.
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Perhaps it's damaged hair that won't "heal"?
Is the new growth close to your scalp the same?
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If you are that unhappy with it, you might want to look into chemical treatment, especially if you are paying to have it pressed all the time anyway.

But if it was me I'd grow it big and long, coarse hair looks good long because it has enough weight and can be thick all the way down to the ends. Even if it does grow straight up and out, it won't do that forever, at some length gravity will get hold of it.

Also if it changed after childbirth, and especially if you are having trouble gaining weight and are hot or cold all the time, check into whether your thyroid is overactive.

Good luck to you.
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