Curls getting curlier? Is this normal?

Ok, so I'm still pretty new here, and it's been just over a week since I put my flat iron in storage (some of you may have read my intro post about my long term flat iron addiction, so this is really big for me ).

First, some info on my hair, I have medium texture and I'm kinda porous. Currently I'm using Garnier Fructis (not for much longer, I just found out what all the stuff in it actually does to my hair! This place is really informative). I either diffuse or plop in the morning.

(Getting to the point now)

The first few days of wearing my hair natural it was wavy with some curls (I thought at first I was a type 2b), but as the days have gone by, my hair has gotten curlier. Is that normal? Looking at my hair now, it looks more like a 3b, than 2b (though some pieces still wave and look kinda out of place). I know it's common for more than one curl pattern to exist on one head, but I haven't changed anything about my routine (yet) and I have more loose ringlets now than waves. Is my hair just getting used to the lack of harsh heat treatments every day and remembering what it used to do? Do you think after I eliminate all the chemicals my hair will continue to do more curls than waves?

I'm not objecting by any means. I actually kind of like it (which is also kind of shocking to me. I always thought I hated my hair). I'm just curious if this is normal.

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Welcome. What you are experiencing is pretty normal. You won't reach your full curly potential until you get rid of all the damaged hair and learn what product and technique to use. It just keeps getting better!
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I have WAAAAAAAYYYY more curls now than when I started. Check out the before and after thread and you'll se you aren't alone
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My hair is also a lot more curly than wavy now. I had mostly 2c hair but now I have mostly 3a mixed with 2c
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My curls looks like the 3a pictures
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+1 I'm WAY curlier and more defined since I first put down the flat iron 45 days ago. Getting to know your hair is a journey!
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I've havent straightened my hair a lot but since becoming (modified) CG may hair has become more curlier, from 2b to 3a (I think).
Yep, mine has gotten even more curly...and I am loving it!!

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Totally normal.
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Just wait until you've ditched the silicones and sulfates! For me, I found that I needed to switch to sulfate-free shampoo along with co-washing rather than just doing conditioner washes. My scalp is a little oily (I think Loraine Massey says some wavies have this issue), and my hair is extremely thick, so I can't pull off co-washing alone.

You may have some nightmare frizz when you first eliminate silicones, but it gets better in a couple weeks (I straightened it during that time, but were I to do it again I wouldn't).

And it'll just get curlier as the damaged, flat ironed hair grows out and you get it cut off. Luckily, once you stop straightening and take care of your hair, it grows out quickly. It's taken mine a little over a year to get to the point where there is none of the old stuff left (I was also growing out my hair so it hung around for longer), but got rid of ALL of it my last hair cut and I actually have some ringlets!

Since my hair seems to get curlier when it's cut shorter, I'm starting to wonder what it'll look like when I get it bobbed. My guess is that it'll be less curly just because I'm probably a 2c, but who knows.
I've always been more or less a 3b, but my hair's tightened up significantly over the past couple months into a 3c in areas. It's pretty typical to notice an increase in just how curly your hair is when doing CG - some have massive changes (see rudeechick), some have only minor changes. A lot of it depends on how damaged your hair is to begin with.
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Yep, mine has gotten curlier, too, after eliminating the curling iron, hot blow drying, and hair color. Enjoy your newfound curls!
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