View Poll Results: Longer hair or shorter hair?
Long 24 61.54%
Short 2 5.13%
In the middle 13 33.33%
Voters: 39. You may not vote on this poll

short or long?

I voted in the middle. And MY "in the middle" means shoulder length, maybe a tad shorter.
I like my hair best that way. It stays healthy, doesn't over power me and it isn't "work" to make it look nice.
Frames my face the best too.
Originally Posted by Kurlee
Ditto! But I'm going to try growing it longer than shoulder again for a while, just for a change.
Originally Posted by CurliLocks
And I'm dittoing (is that a real word?) you CurliLocks. I'm trying to grow longer but I know I'll end up with shoulder length as that seems to suit me best.
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I like my hair long. That way when the stylist messes up on my haircut it's not that obvious.
I voted for medium which for me means between bsl and belly button. But I used to have butt length hair, so for me this is medium!
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Long. Anything shoulder length and shorter makes my face look like a ball.
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i like medium. about 3 inches passed my shoulders.

i would like to see what short hair looks like on me...but then if i didnt like it that would suck lol.

also i would like to see how i would look brunette...probably when im older lol
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My hair looks much nicer when it's long. I just can't get it there! It's taking forever and I've given up so many times I wonder if it isn't impossible for me.
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I say medium, but after medium I am going for long.
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I said long, yet I always have my hair short. I end up cutting it short b/c it's easier to care for, and it's healthier, and I figure, hey, it's cute. But whenever I see pictures I'm totally aware that it looks better ON ME when it's longer.

I've been noticing that people on t.v. and stuff, when they have their hair short vs. long, it looks much better with their face when it's long.
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I voted long, which to me is bsl length or to the middle of the back. Bellybutton length and longer is not so attractive to me though.
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