Beginner Blues

I know that it's supposed to get worse before it gets better, but is anyone else fed up with their hair? I've only been following a CG routine for a week, but I am absolutely hating my hair right now. I have always hated my curls (my straightener has been my best friend for the past seven years) but at least I wasn't embarrassed to walk outside!

It seems like my hair has gotten frizzier, more uncontrollable, and really... greasy? My hair has always been oily, but shampoo obviously stripped that away and however unhealthy it was, at least my hair felt clean. Now I feel like no matter how hard I scrub my head (I have tried both lo-poo with Burt's Bees shampoo and just cowashing with a conditioner) my hair always has this almost sticky, greasy feel to it. Almost as if I washed my hair with butter. I've used three different products so far, and none of them have made this feel any better.

Also, I have so much volume on the top of my head, but none on the bottom! I'm getting the upside down triangle at the moment. I think that might partly be to my haircut with its awful layers and half grown out bangs, but the layers are so high up in my hair that correcting it with a haircut would leave me with very little hair to work with.

Sorry that my first post has to be such a negative vent...but I guess I'm just really fed up! Any encouraging words to get me through my beginner blues are very welcome and needed!

(I'm a 2C, I live in San Antonio, Texas [humid humid humid], and my hair is very damaged/porous.)
It does take a bit of time for your hair to get accustomed to CG. The first couple of weeks after I started were... interesting . There is definitely a learning curve. You'll be happy once you get the hang of it and use stuff and methods that your hair responds to. Find someone with similar hair properties and see what they use and then experiment, experiment. Also, take a look at the 2 board. There are some wonderful ladies there that are very supportive and always willing to help. So, ask questions! Good luck with your CG journey!
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I'm so sorry you're having a tough time of it! Have you tried an acv rinse? I think it will help with the greasy feeling (it helps clarify and restore the ph balance) and also may help with the volume in the top (it smooths the cuticles). Here's a bit of info or you can search the boards - there's tons of info on it.

Also here's a link about summer vs. winter to help with that humidity in San Antonio.

Good luck and hang in there - the end results are definitely worth it!!!!
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Oh, I remember these days well ... my hair was so greasy the first couple of weeks, and weird/frizzy/dry looking on top of it. My hair still gets greasy easily, so I have to do the mod-CG thing and lowpoo once a week or more, depending on the weather, etc.

But before I started lowpooing I went about 6 weeks with pure CG because I wanted to make sure my hair wouldn't magically restore itself and not be greasy. During this time I did frequent ACV rinses, as kasden suggested. I also added lemon juice to my cowash conditioner, which helped a bit with the greasiness. (I would use a 50:50 ratio - in my hands I'd mix about a tsp of lemon juice with a tsp of conditioner & use this as my cowash). Tea tree oil also seemed to help with greasiness (add about 10-15 drops per 8 oz of conditioner). Also, try to go light on the products during this time, since they might contribute to the greasy look/feel.

If the grease is unbearable & the above doesn't help, you could try adding in a lowpoo every once in a while and slowly stretching out the time between lowpoos (for example, start with a lowpoo once every few days, then once a week, then once every two weeks, etc). You'll be able to find a good balance, it just takes time.

Good luck!
Hello and welcome,
I think most of us can relate to how you are feeling right now. The change in how you manage your hair will take some time to adjust to. You will need to figure out what products work for your hair and what styling methods work. This took several weeks for me, and I hated my hair while I was figuring it out. Thank goodness for hair clips and headbands.
Just to throw an idea out there --- I cut off all my curls a year ago and left my hair supershort because I didn't want to deal with it. It was damaged from coloring and I wanted to go natural. (I am almost totally white, I am 43) When I started growing my curls out again, following CG and keeping my hair moisturized, my curl pattern was much more regular and healthy. It also seems to respond to styling products better. I wonder if a good haircut to help you style it in a way that lets you wear it curly would make a big difference to how you feel about your curls.
I can sympathize -- it is hard to have a good day when you hate your hair.
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Be sure that your conditioner and styling products don't have any silicones - anything that ends in 'cone, 'conol, of 'xane. These will build up and cause greasiness if you don't use a sulfate shampoo to remove them.

It can take 4 - 6 weeks for your scalp and hair to adjust to CG. Decrease the cowashing slowly to only once or twice a week. The other days just get your hair wet and use conditioner on the length only to detangle and moisturize. Your scalp should settle down.

ACV rinses, lemon juice in the conditioner, even a brown sugar scrub will all help in the transition. I still do an ACV rinse twice a month to remove mild product buildup, and rarely scrub my scalp with conditioner. I do use a scalp brush and plenty of water to keep my scalp clean. Hang in there!
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