Sorry guys; I don't strongly feel that way, I wanted to see what everybody would say.
Originally Posted by smo6767
Are you serious???? Wow

what exactly was the point....?
Originally Posted by DEL2C

Yes, what exactly is your point??
3a fine; dense; medium-low porosity, frizz prone

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I completely agree with MirCurls and pearl89. I couldn't have said it better...
This OP (the message) is just weird. Like, "be the curly fry among the regular fries" or something like that in your avatar, but post the complete opposite? And wait, do you really feel strongly about your OP, or don't you? Was very broad about the whole "Sorry guys; I don't feel strongly...." (Don't remember, and too much in a cranky mood to quote) Hmm... Well, I'm not sure how to delete an account on here, but I'm pretty sure that's an option if you are not happy....
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