How to tame 2nd day frizz w/o rewetting?

Is this possible?
Is this possible?
Originally Posted by Wiggilyhair
I would love to know the answer to this as well!
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me too, today i got some frizz to go away a little bit by using my lavender spray i made to dampen and then put a little CJccclite on.. some bits refused to unfrizz so i took those parts and ran some of this down the hair trying to reclump- worked okish
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Depends on what you mean by rewetting. If you mean soaking hair like when you shampoo, then yeah, you can tame frizz without going that far.

You can use a spritz bottle to moisten, but not soak hair (so it would dry in minutes) and add a bit of product (I like to use CCCC Lite or CIAB or a moisturizer with some light oil to it).

Or if you want, you can apply some products to dry hair to quieten frizz (though I never see it totally eliminated). I find CCCC Lite by Curl Junkie works really, really well for this. I've also used CIAB and SS CEJ and Flax Seed Gelee on non-wash days to freshen curl and calm frizz. Some ladies swear by using a small amount of Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine (it's a pomade) to smooth down frizz and up shine on second day plus hair. Other pomades may help, too.

I think the best way to lessen frizz is to use products that work well for your hair type, keep it well moisturized with deep treatments weekly or every time you wash, and then protect hair from too much friction/movement/displacement by taking care how one sleeps on it.

But I don't know any cure for all frizz other than to oil up hair so much it looks greasy (and yes, I've gone th at far and it's not purdy). That took care of the frizz and gave me shine, but I had flat, low volume, heavy hair.

Needless to say, frizz will occur if you touch your hair a lot, comb or brush it while dry, roll around having energetic whoopie without a pineapple, hahaha
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FOTE Gel fixes me right up. I don't scrunch it in my hair though. I gently sweep it on the length and top when I wake up, and try not to disturb the curl too much. I love it...
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I shower at night so I really depend on products/techniques that will guarantee me good 2nd day hair, and the only thing that's truly worked for me is sleeping in products that prevent overnight frizz in the first place (as much as possible anyway!). I shower at night and apply hard hold gel, and wait till the next morning to scrunch out the crunch. In my experience the very best gel to sleep in and wake up with near perfect curls is L.A. Looks Sport gel - the lighter hold gels (like Herbal Essences) aren't good enough. Of course, it's impossible to completely prevent frizz, and that's where DevaCurl Set It Free comes in - I just spray it on my hands, smooth out the top, scrunch up some flattened curls and usually by itself it's enough to revive my bed head Worse comes to worst, if some curls are stubborn and won't curl the way I want them to, I whip em into shape with a curling iron (of course you want to fry the hair for as little time as possible!).

The satin bonnets leave me with wonky curls, but you could try those, some curlies love them. You could also try plopping overnight. And finally, many curlies sleep on 100% silk pillows and swear by it to keep curls frizz free. Good luck
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FSG works for me (and also re-clumps), as well as a pea-sized amount of Re:coil emulsified with wet hands.
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Needless to say, frizz will occur if you touch your hair a lot, comb or brush it while dry, roll around having energetic whoopie without a pineapple, hahaha
Originally Posted by MirCurls
muahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! that's what scarves and bonnets are for!!!
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