Curlyhead 2c/3a/3b trying to find a new styling routine. Please help! r/o

For as long as I've worn my hair curly I've used PM Sculpting Foam, but am now trying to find a better routine. I purchased a few products (below) based on all of your recs, but I am not sure what to use together.

Of the products below, what combination of products have you had luck with together? Would love to hear of any styling routines you have had luck with these items. I think I am a 2c/3a/3b. Thanks!

Here they are:
AG Recoil
Aveda Be Curly
Jessicurl Rockin Ringlets
Jessicurl Confident Coils
CHS Curl Keeper
Batia & Aleeza Sculpting Gel
I'm a 2c-3a and I've tried lots of products, but lately have been focusing on using primarily drugstore products. I shower at night too so I must use products that will hold up throughout the night.

Of the products you mentioned, I've used the Jessicurl stylers and liked the results, but unfortunately they don't last through the night very well (on a cotton pillow anyway) and I've consistently woken up with stringy and frizzy curls that were difficult to fix. Curl Keeper kept giving me deformed, gimpy curls so I stopped using that.

Here's my current routine if you're interested:
Currently I co-wash with Suave Naturals. Then I apply Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition and leave it on throughout the shower. At the end i rinse out the Garnier, then re-apply a bunch of Suave as a leave in.

Then I step out and apply plain KY Jelly (yup you read that right) onto my hair, then a gel (I've had the most luck with LA Looks but I also like the Herbal Essences gels). At this point my hair is very spongy and wet. I scrunch only a few times, then plop for 10 minutes. After I take off the plop I diffuse a little bit just to accelerate the drying process. I usually leave my hair crunchy because it holds up better overnight that way.

In the morning I scrunch out any crunch, then spray DevaCurl Set it Free on my hands and smooth out any curls that became frizzy overnight. Often this helps re-curl strands that have flattened out by "reactivating" the hard hold gel. Result: Soft, shiny curls that last all day If any stubborn strands stay straight I use a thin-barrel curling iron to whip em into shape

Occasionally (like once or maybe twice a week) I use a low-poo to shampoo my hair. My current favorite is Jessicurl's Gentle Lather, and I'm going to try her Hair Cleansing Cream soon.
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Texture and porosity are more important for selecting products/ingredients. You can figure yours out by looking for a thread by that name in they Newby Forum started by Struttswife or go to her website: If you know your hair traits, it's easier for you to find product. Just look for people with hair like yours. You can "stalk" them on the boards, see products and routines. Signatures usually have hair attributes and products.

My hair prefers the more natural products. I used used the products you've listed--none got more then a time or two because I didn't find them to be anything special. I was allergic to CK, but lots of people like it.
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