I have sensitive, allergic skin. I'm allergic to things like too much sun AND most sun tan lotions! I had reactions to CK, Shea M LI (but not to other shea products), Bioterra products and a few others. Couldn't find a common ingredient. Phyto Defrissant caused my ears to clog up--but that's the only botanical problem. Only EOs that are a problem for me are cinnamon and clove, but I understand they are common irritants.

I think these things are all VERY individual. I actually do much better with the natural products.
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Me too, actually - I'm allergic to everything, including myself, but the more 'natural' stuff in a product, the less likely it is to cause problems for me. "Hypoallergenic" products often cause me problems (not full-fledged hives, but they normally just make me itchy), whereas something loaded with EOs and so forth doesn't faze my skin in the slightest. This is backwards of the norm... I suppose I'm lucky?
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