Refresh hair 1/2 way through day?

When I first do my hair in the morning, I really like the curl pattern and definition that I have. I usually wait until I am at the parking lot of work to SOTC(I have over an hour drive.) However, I've noticed that a few hours into the day, I'm lacking the definition that I had in the morning.
Is there something good that I can use to help revitalize my curls? Homemade or store bought?
My current routine:
CO wash with either Sauve Naturals or VO5
Condition with Shique conditioning balm
Leave in what ever I used for my CO wash(if I do a leave in.)
While soaking wet, I saturate my hair with FSG and plop while I do my make up(10-20 minutes.)
Then I scrunch in some gel, right now I'm using La Bella Lot's of Curls gel and am really liking it better than the others I've tried.
I then pixie curl until about 90ish% dry and leave for work. I have over an hour drive, so by the time I get there, it is dry and I SOTC. I really like the immediate results for quite a few hours, but towards the middle to end of the day, they could use a little oomph.
TIA for any suggestions.
I would suggest adding something to your routine that would give you hold all day. I've been reading about FSG (haven't tried it YET) and some people add honey or agave nectar to increase the hold. There's tons of info if you search "FSG hold". Or try a harder hold gel.

If that doesn't could try this homemade curl enhancer/refresher that you can use on dry hair: a few drops of honey, a pea size amount aloe vera gel, fill up small spray bottle (I think mine is 2 oz) with water. So far this works for me in medium dew points (25 - 50) - I haven't tried it in high dews yet.

I think if you add your hair properties to your siggie some people wold be able to give you better suggestions.

Glad you like your curls at least most of the day!!!
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Thanks for the suggestions. I have added honey to my FSG, as well as magnesium sulfate. Even with just the FSG, when my hair is dry, it is very crunchy, but scrunches out to be very soft and natural feeling. I will try your spray recipe and see how that goes.
As for my hair properties, I'll update my sig later, but I would say:
Fine, medium density, porous, normal elasticity, type 2a with some 3a mixed in...I've only been doing CG for 3 weeks, so I'm hoping that eventually I get more 3a's in there.
water is a great activator.
Does your hair like aloe? I bet you could fill a small spray bottle with a bit of aloe and water and use as activator. Or even a pinch of FSG combined with water.
I like to use DevaCurl Set It Free spray. I just spray a few spritzes throughout my hair and then scrunch it in.

I also like Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves spray.

Both can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair.
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I've been using Curl Junkie Curl Fuel Curl Enhancing Spray the last few days and it's really nice.

I mist my hair w/lavendar water first, let it sit about 30 seconds and then re-mist with a few squirts of CES, let it sit another 15-30 seconds and then scrunch and my curls pop up again.
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