Nice, Thick conditioner thats inexpensive?

I really, really, like the JC Too shea conditioner, but for my long, thick hair I would go through that in like 2 weeks. Any good thick conditioners out there that are a little cheaper and more convenient to purchase?
CG re-joined: 3/15/2012
2c,3a, (sensitive to protein)
Cowash: Suave Naturals Coconut, Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture
RinseOut (rotate): GVP condish balm, Garnier 3X Nutrition, Aubrey Honeysuckle
Cleansing: KC Come Clean
Stylers: CK, Biotera gel & cream, HE set me up, Pantene Curl Gel Spray
Sunscreen: Fairy Tales Coco Cabana Sun Spray
I also have long hair, and i've found Aussie Moist conditioner works really well. The large bottle is only $5 at Walmart. I think it does have one cone though.
I've been poo-free since Oct 23, 2009
My hair is 3b, natural shades of brown, and long
Got my first real haircut from a curl-master on April 1, 2010
Cowash: Every other day with Aussie Moist - cheap, buttery, and coco-nutty curls, oh yeah!
Style: every non-wash day with water and a little Aussie Moist to keep the curls alive
Detangling: Fingers!
Nighttime: Modified pineapple, in a bun - my hair is too long to let it roam at night
Lustra Silk is a good one. 20 0z in a tub for $2 at Dollar General. They make several kinds, Shea/Mango , Olive oil and one other, I can't think of. no mineral oil, cones, lanolin or other funky stuff. Also, sometimes I add a little oil to a cheap condish like VO5 to omph it up a bit.

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