New to Natually Curly Hair ++

I've always had long curly hair, but for some reason have been wearing it straight. But now that I'm a stay at home mom, I don't have time to spend an hour on my hair every day; well you can imagine I've been wearing it curly. I'd LOVE some advice from those of you that have nice hair!!
I shampoo & condition every day (I have greasy roots so I can't go without!). I use drugstore brands because my budget won't allow salon brands. At the moment my favorite product is Aussie's sprunch spray, but that's only because I haven't found a gel or mousse that works well with my hair.
I'm in Alabama, so you can imagine the humidity. I'm about to try the LALooks Sport Gel because of the reviews on here. I don't have a favorite shampoo, but I don't want to stop using it!! Right now my hair routine is this:
Shampoo & Condition w/ Suave Pro. Humectant. I don't plan to buy again but I had the driest hair on the planet at the ends & this helps alot! Comb through w/ conditioner in the shower.
Wrap in towel & leave for around 30 minutes.
Garnier Curl Scrunch Gel & Aussie sprunch Spray are my only 2 products right now. Work okay, but would rather have nice, soft hair with good looking curls that STAY... Diffuse & go.
I need something strong because I ride horses & hate for my curls to go fluffy & flat at the same time. I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket!
Okay. Now I need advice/recs about what everybody does/uses on their own active hair!
Oh, it's red, 3a/2c, thick, slightly course, & about bra strap length.
Thank you everybody!!
Congrats on deciding to go curly! The next step is to go Curly Girl (CG). In response to some of your concerns:

Shampoo ('poo) CREATES the greasy feeling. Do not be afraid of forgoing the poo. When you use non-silicone and non-sulfate products your hair and scalp will adjust and stop creating excess oil, which will result in well-hydrated, non-greasy curls.

Budget is not a problem for CG products. Many (if not most!) people use inexpensive products found at any drugstore, including Suave Naturals conditioners, VO5 conditioners, Garnier Fructis conditioners, Herbal Essences gels, Aussie products, LA Looks Gel (like you mentioned). Just make sure the products you use are non-silicone and non-sulfate.

The towel that you use -- please don't use a standard terrycloth towel. These create frizz because they suck too much moisture from the hair. For a budget conscious option, use a plain ol' T-shirt instead.

For a thorough explanation of WHY you should do these things, go to this blog:


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Thanks for the link & information; will definitely check out the link!!

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