Frizzy but not dry

I live in a fairly humid environment (dew point is >60 today) that just gets more humid as it gets hotter. When I first started CG, I was mainly look to get rid of the frizz and emphasize the curls, which seemed to fit with the CG method. But I've never dyed my hair and can count the number of times I've straightened it on my fingers, so my hair is fairly healthy. When I started, I added as much moisture as I could. My hair was still extremely frizzy, but it never seemed dry to me. I figured that I simply didn't know any better and continued to add moisture. It didn't help.

Eventually I read enough to realize what I was doing wrong. Since then, I've been reducing the amount of moisture I add to my hair to the point where I'm only using a regular conditioner after low poo-ing or co-washing. But my hair is still very frizzy.

I know I need to stop using any products with glycerin in them. Does anyone have any product recs? And what else could I start doing to help reduce the frizz?

Frizz is such an annoying thing isn't it? First and foremost, do you know your hair properties such as texture, elasticity and porosity? This link is great to help you determine this:
Tiffany or Struttswife's ebook

A couple of things come to mind regarding frizz and humidity. I think it's important to have a healthy balance of moisture and protein. You may need to reduce moisture with increased humidity, but you also may need protein. My hair loves protein and after a PT, frizz is greatly reduced. Have you tried a PT? With time, you will come to know when your hair needs moisture and protein.
Another thing that may help is an anti-humectant product such as a natural pomade. Sealing with oils as a final step in your hair routine will also help. Some oils that are good for this are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and castor oil. You would have to see how your hair reacts to these oils.
Once you determine your hair properties, you will be able to tailor products to meet your hair needs.
Lastly, to answer your question about glycerin free products, Bella Curl is a line developed by Belasuna, a member. This line is very moisturizing, but is glycerin and protein free. Another product is Kinky Curly Knot Today.
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Thanks. I'm a 2b and my hair is between low and medium porosity and between medium and coarse texture.

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