Hair type?

Hey guys,

I'm having another bad hair day and decided to register to this website because I need a solution...

The first problem I encounter is deciding what my hair type is. I am guessing I am a 2, but I'm not sure.

Today my hair is pretty bad. I just made a few webcampics for you (the link below will take you there). It's looks a lot smoother in the pictures to be honest, but it's much frizzier and what I call 'half curly', especially in the top layer. In the middle is my solution for days like this: pinning my top layer back. Not wearing make up today by the way, sorry LOL.

Today's hair - Click here

The second compilation are just random pics with friends at parties, or vacation pics etc. I've blocked some faces for privacy (and sometimes my own face was too silly to show LOL).

Second compilation - Click here

Now in the second compilation, I've one frizzy pic, and the rest were pretty good hair days including the pics with relatively straight hair (left and right bottom)... (I consider a good hair day when I don't have a lot of frizz and the curliness/straightness is pretty even). Note that this is all first day hair by the looks of it and my hair was a bit shorter then it is now.
My hair is very easy to change. Put it in a ponytail for 15 minutes and the top part is completely straight. My hairstylist is amazed every time about how easy it is to blow dry it straight. My hair on the second day after washing it is just slightly wavy and I need to wash it the next morning because it will become greasy quickly.
I wear it in a ponytail or bun most of the time on the second day because it's just not looking good. Couldn't find any pictures with my hair down with second day hair.

I've done some research now, and I read I should avoid sulfates and silicones. In these pics my hair was washed with shampoo/conditioners containing both. I don't use a lot of hairproducts because it only seems to make it worse most of the time. I only use a serum from the hairdressers every once in a while, and I just discovered it's close to pure silicones by reading the ingredients haha.

Whoa! Sorry for the long post :P

Anyway, any help/comments greatly appreciated!

(PS: hope I didn't make any mistakes in English, feel free to correct me if I did. I'm from the Netherlands, my first language is Dutch.)
Hello and welcome!!

I actually think you have very pretty hair with a lot of curl potential. It looks like you are somewhere in the type 2's - maybe 2b or 2c. Is your hair fine, normal, or coarse? Is it thick, normal, or thin in density?

Here is a chart to help you figure out the properties of your hair:

Also, if you keep reading this website/forum, you can learn a lot by reading what hair products other people use that have hair similar to yours. Certain hair products definitely help eliminate frizz and give you more curl. It takes time and patience.

Good luck to you!!

Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density

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