So, I have never tried them, but something tells me that I would really, really like them. They are so popular amongst the people on the board. So, I contacted Curl Junkie, and asked if there were any plans in the near future to have her products in Sephora, Target or Whole Foods. She thanked me for the compliment, and said that she didn't think she was exactly "there yet" but that she would love to have her products in one of these stores. And, if I wanted to feel free to ask them, and so I emailed Sephora and Whole Foods!

I would love to try her products being that they are so popular.

Maybe if many of us contacted them, they will consider it even more.
3a/3b & fine
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Low sulphate shampoo once a week:
Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo

Rinse Out Conditioner - used only when needed - Elucence Moisture Benefits, & KCKT

Leave-in - used only when needed - KCKT

Co-wash- Elucence Moisture Benefits Conditioner (about 1-2 a week).

Stylers: KCKT, Eco-Styler Gel, AG:Recoil, FSG.

Styling: Raking and smoothing product throughout hair and then the Super Soaker Method without the Denman.