Does the "curly" cut require alot of layers?

I don't have any salons around here that do cuts for curly girls so I was thinking of describing it to her. I need a little more volume around the top of my head (note: I have long hair and my curls start about 5 or 6" from the top of my head) I was thinking of getting a semi-short layer like maybe cut right below the bottom of my ears. That would add more volume and curls.Thoughts??
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There's a thread on the Newby forum by Struttswife that is something like, "What to ask for when getting your haircut." There's another post by a poster named "curlpro" that has a link to the cut that's usually done. It described perfectly what my stylist does. Don't have time to search these out for you, but I'm sure you could find them.
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