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Indulge me here; been here awhile but hair type? Pics-Heavy!

This post is quite pic-heavy, so I'll go ahead and apologize. My hair changes all the freaking time so I thought if I posted hair from several days it would be easier to tell. I am *still* not sure what type my hair is. I'm not even sure if I'm a wavy or a curly honestly!
I have no idea why it matters to me, but I know I'm not the only one. I also know that there's a lot of curlies out there who are great at typing hair. My hair is fairly thin (including one of it straight to show how little I have) and fine-medium I believe. It's definitely not coarse.


Close up.

Very close.

New color/cut November 06, close up.

(Sorry, goofy myspace pic, but you can see my hair well here.)

Ditto! It's different curls here than the others, I think.

Me on a more "wavy" day I think...?

Straight; to show thickness of hair in general if that makes a difference.

I apologize again for all the pictures. I wanted good, accurate results!
I feel like I'm conducting a study, lol.
I'm thinking 3a rather than wavy, because of the picture where you're wearing the plaid shirt. I bet if your hair were a little longer it would get curlier!
i LOVE the pic of you in a pink checked shirt - the way your hair sits is perfect, it frames your face wonderfully, and the curls are gorgeous! i'm not very good at typing, i'm sure i've got my own wrong. but possibly 3a? lovely lovely curls!

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pw: curlywurly
Pretty pictures! I'm thinking 2B/3A (or 2A/3A if your hair is more fine). I definitely think you've got some 3A going on in there, but it seems to be mixed in with waves. You're like me that it's somewhere in between wavy and curly.
Faith, 3Aish redhead
Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy
I also say 2b/3a. Very pretty!
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves
Thanks everyone. I think everyone is thinking about the same as I am... Definitely some 3A. Oh, SuZen, I should have mentioned that as well; I just chopped my hair back in September from BSL and it was less curly longer - it was getting really ratty which is why I chopped it . Also partly why I wanted to get some input on the type again because it's changed since then.

Thanks again everyone!
3A. You're too cute!
*Poster formerly known as Bailey422*

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