View Poll Results: What can help curls survive overnight?
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Give up and wash in morning. 3 42.86%
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How can I make my curls stay in tact overnight?

Hi! I'm new to these boards, and I'm trying to work out my curly routine.
I love how my curls look after styling at night, but when I wake up they're limp, squished and stretched out. If I wash in the morning, my curls last all day, but over night I must abuse them so much that they just give up on me. I really like being able to wash at night though, because it's such a pain to wake up earlier and do it all before school. Would using a product with a lot of hold help?
Could using a hair spray or a pomade be a solution?

About my hair...
usually style with AG re:coil, AG fastfood leave-in and HE totally twisted gel. I have a lot of fine, wavy/curly hair with a lot of body and volume. It's really easy for me to make it very curly (thanks to jessicurl!, I just flip my hair over and scrunch while applying product and scrunch while I diffuse it) and I wind up with great loose ringlets.

But when I wake up, yikes! If anyone has any advice to help my curls survive the night, I'd really appreciate hearing about it! Thanks everyone.
have you tried a pineapple and a satin pillowcase, alot of people have luck with this, and maybe not scrunching out the crunch until morning
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I 2nd what KeeWee said. Also, if your hair is long enough, a loose braid is good.
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My hair is between chin- and shoulder-length, maybe halfway down my neck. It seems whenever I pull it back, the curls stretch out. I'll definitely try the satin pillow case. I'm thinking about getting the Curlisto Structura Spray, too, for a little extra hold. I don't know if my hair is long enough for the pineapple trick, though...
I normally was my hair at night too, i think you have to make sure that your hair is completely dry before you go to bed.
My hair looks even better in the morning when it has completely dried at night. Try it you'll love it.
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I agree. You have to make sure it's completely dry. The only way I can do my hair at night is to use a super-crunchy gel and scrunch out the crunch in the morning.
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what keewee said.
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