Any 3a's with hair that gets curlier as it gets shorter?

I think this depends on one's particular hair - in my case, I have some 2C hair on my crown, and the rest is pretty much 3A, and my hair itself is very thick but fine in texture, and heavy, so if it gets to shoulder length, the weight of it starts loosening my curls if they aren't layered properly. I had my hair cut recently similarly to Denim's(sp.?)and my curls came back big-time. Plus it's still not too short by any means - it looks pretty!
My hair isn't as curly when its shorter, but its not straight either. I get big barrel curls when its above my chin, between chin and shoulder its more wavy, and when it gets below my shoulders it goes into ringlets. ~~jax
2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
My hair is a mix of wavy and curly (2a/b to 3a) and I agree with Bailey and others here. When I had my hair REALLY short, with short layers all over, it was barely even wavy. When my hair was BSL a couple months ago, it was more a 2b. Now it's just above my shoulders and more a 3a.
My hair is defenitely curlier when it is a bit shorter than longer. Mine is shorter than shoulder length now and it curls more now than when it reached my armpits.

My hair is on the curlier end of 3a.

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