Big Forehead - unfortunate common ailment for Curly Girls

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Originally Posted by CelticCurls
Yay! :P I love my big forehead too! My older sister (who also has curls) also has a big forehead... we like to joke that we have "bulbous foreheads"! My forehead used to bother me but now I like it... I wouldn't be me without it!

I also have shorter curls around my face (that's just how they grow, though... I think my hair is so fine that it breaks before it gets very long in front) so those kind of swoop across my forehead and cover it a bit.
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My forehead is pretty small. It's flat and I have a low hairline, and a very small widow's peak.
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I have a big forhead too. It is one of those that is narrow and tall so I always feel like it takes up 1/3 of my face. Still working on embracing it but it doesn't help when my hair part is right down the middle and I can never find a part that makes my hair and forehead look good.
Curls&Waves, remember: Christina Ricci's takes up half her head. At least. Therefore, you are stil (ahem) ahead. And yes, I understand if you all want to ban me from the board for that horrible pun. It was my last word on the topic, I promise.
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OK, I lied. One more comment. While doing a search to post a pix of Ms. Ricci's very large (but very talented) forehead, I found this.

A list of hot actresses w/ big foreheads! It begins with the quote: "everything she eats goes straight to her forehead. And at just over 5 feet tall, her forehead must look that much bigger in person." Then it goes on to talk about her fine qualities. But check out her hair. It is designed to display her forehead to its largest possible angle. Very inspirational.
3B, bra-strap length
laidback, very-modified CGer
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I did see one pic with her bangs. She looks better without them.
If I want my top layers to curl well I'll have to grow them so we'll see if I get any frankenstein forehead comments
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Yeah, I have a big forehead. Oh well! I don't know if this is a curly phenomenon, I mean I haven't exactly gone around making a mental tally of the straighties vs curlies with big foreheads. LOL
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I also have a big forehead and it use to really bother me when I was younger. It seems like when I wear my hair curly my forehead doesnt look as big with all the volume. Its when its straight it sort of stands out.
I definitely have the big forehead too. I just try not to worry about it, although sometimes in pictures, its all I can see. ~~jax
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Spacegirl and Brio--I'm with you on having the tiny forehead. Except I also have a face that would be as round as the moon even if my forehead were higher, and big bushy eyebrows. I always say I have a low, sloping brow. It makes me look kind of like Neanderthal, and probably has a lot to do with why strangers used to always tell me to smile when I was a kid...
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You have a way with words!
Originally Posted by Doodles
Awww, thanks Doodles! I used to be a writer, actually, once upon a time. In a land far, far away....
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You have a way with words!
Originally Posted by Doodles
Awww, thanks Doodles! I used to be a writer, actually, once upon a time. In a land far, far away....
Originally Posted by CelticCurls
Seriously, you just crack me up :P A writer? How cool!
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I have a big forehead, too, but it doesn't protrude and it isn't wide. It's just tall. I hate it because my face is very long and narrow as it is, plus I have a widow's peak, and a cowlick, so that the hair splits straight in the middle and grows upwards, which I also hate because I can't get the long pieces to sweep over. I want bangs so badly .
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yep i have big forehead too and used to hate my profile pictured. But I was asked to model by my hairdresser and most of the pics are of my profile and looked great, just found out it will on the front cover of their hairtrends magazine, can you believe big forehead and curlywurly hair being the latest trend. i'll post pics when i received in 2 weeks.
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I have a big forehead too! It's accentuated
by the fact that my front hair grows upwards
then curves down, so I have these two big "arches"
framing my forehead. I've grown to like it as
an adult, but I hated it when I was a kid and always
wore long bangs that I blew-dry so that they hung
straight down. Now when I try bangs, my face
looks too short to me!
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Yep, I have a 5 head too. I have ALWAYS been self conscious about it. I've had some sort of bangs for a long time with a side sweep part. Last year I had successfully grew out my bangs and hair in general with my "bangs" 4 inches past my long face. Of course that was stretched out! I took pix of it to document my "growth". I quickly began to realize that the "no bangs" look was overly accentuating my 5 head and small eyes, and flattening out my top roots. I gladly got my hair cut then. I defo need some curls smattered across my 5 head!
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Small forehead here... on a small head, too small I think at times...

Over the weekend I looked at about 14 pages of pics of curlies in this website and all I really noticed was how many different and beautiful types of curls there were so I wouldn't worry about that, besides I think letting a tendril or two fall on it can be very sexy so girls FLAUNT THEM!!!
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Is it true that having your hair pulled makes your hairline recede? TMI alert: My ex had this bad habit of pinning down my hair during sex. I always had to yell at him to make him stop, but he never seemed to learn. I was always worried that it would cause my hairline to move back, though I doubt is has (we didn't have much of a sex life). Also, does wearing hair pulled back a lot create a larger forehead? I've heard it only does if it's pulled tightly. I don't think I have a large forehead but it's larger than it used to be - I attribute that to wearing my hair back more often in the past several years.
It is the continued pulling back of the hair that causes what's called "traction allopecia" and I don't think it has to be too tight (although that certainly accelerates it) for that to happen as it appears the hairline hairs are very sensitive.

A receding hairline is very common among women who have chemically straightened their hair for many years as even minor burns from relaxers can cause permanent death of the follicles, it's usually the "wake-up" call that makes many women stop and go natural.

I suspect that women who thermally straighten daily (or have done so) may have a similar problem as it's hard to not occasionally touch the skin with the hot tool when trying to get the hairline completely smooth. I still remember how I burned myself a few times when using a curling iron on the front in a hurry before going to work years ago...!
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC

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