I finally found a routine that works for me! So happy! *PICS*

Devin, I have a quick question on your technique.

After you shampoo and condition, how do you apply your leave in? Do you rake or comb it through?

I am still playing around with this part, since my hair untangles easily in the shower, but once I get out, it seems to retangle again. I often feel the need to comb my hair with my detangling comb with the leave in before I start. I've tried raking, but then I have to rake so much it separates all my waves.

Since I have kind of similar hair to yours, I was wondering how you do that part.

Hair Type - medium to fine texture, high porosity, lots of it, type 2b/3a
Devin, your hair is gorgeous. Congrats on finding a routine that works.

I tried this today and it worked really well. I was too heavy handed with the gel; so hair is a little greasy looking. This routine has very definite possibilities. Thank you for posting!!
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jerseygirl- I apply my leave in by raking, mainly, but then I flip upside down and just do a quick like 10-30 second scrunch, just because haha. I'm sure you could try it with a comb if you'd like. I just choose not to. (:
curly hair and proud (:

Well, I just tried your routine!
Along with a new gel (HESMU).

My curls have been looking pretty down this last week, so fingers crossed this works!

BTW, your hair is beautiful!
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garnier fructis s&s, hesmu, and biotera curl creme.

It looks great Devin! Thanks for posting this. Since you're my hair twin, I'll have to try your technique!!
2a underneath, 2b/c on top, medium texture, low porosity, normal elasticity, high density
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Yay to both of you, I hope it works~ (:

And yes, hopefully it will work for you elita! Let me know!

I have never tried the HESMU Gel, but it sounds cool. I've been in love with the Biotera Gel for a while now~
curly hair and proud (:

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