use on damp hair

When a product says to use on damp or towel dried hair, as many creams seem to, do you guys do it that way? I find that trying to distribute something through my hair when it's damp is a recipe for total disaster.
So, if you do this, do you just scrunch in the product? Or do you just put the product on wet hair?
Very few of us seem to apply products according to label directions, LOL, e.g., L'Oreal Out of Bed which goes thru waves of popularity here says to apply it to dry hair. No one here does that - everyone applies it to wet hair.

All of my products go on very wet hair regardless of the instructions - I don't get frizz if I do that. I comb mine thru, between each one if using more than one. I don't do nearly as well just scrunching product in or finger combing it in - I need the even product coverage from combing it in.

(Then in a variation of the Super Soaker Method, I rewet with a spray bottle until very wet and squishy, scrunch with my hands to get the curls going, then scrunch/blot with an old t-shirt, flour-sack towel, etc. until most of the wetness is gone and it's curling well. Then I diffuse for about five minutes and maybe apply a touch more gel, diffuse a couple more minutes, clip the top, then airdry.)
2C/3A/3B - modified CG - fairly fine now, normal/low porosity/normal elasticity

Current Main Rotation: MG217 medicated or Aim2Health 'poos for scalp, Elucence cond., Spiral Solutions Protein & Deeply Decadent Cond., CJCCCC reg or lite,CJ Pattern Pusha,, Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz + lots more, sporadically

HG Method: Super Soaker + Smasters-ing, brief upside down diffusing w/360o diffuser then clips/clamps & air dry. Newly gray - stopped my henna glosses!

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