I finally got it! Thanks everyone for giving me tips and hints about gels. I really appreciate it.

I finally found out how to do it for my hair:
  • Co-wash
  • Apply conditioner to dripping wet hair and blot
  • Apply oil before the gel or I have to mix it in my hands all together first (coconut oil, olive & castor worked well but in different ways)
I have to blot my hair though that is a MUST. If I leave it dripping wet my hair dries crunchy and hard which I hate. And the blotting prevents any white residue. My hair dries soft but with hold. And the shine is AMAZING!

Here are the gels my method worked with the best in order:
  • IC Fantasia Sparklites
  • IC Fantasia Olive Oil Gel
  • LA Looks Lots of Curls
  • EcoStyler (the pink, clear, and olive oil..all work)
  • Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly
I noticed that if the gel doesn't have TONS of glycerin in it like Long Aid does.. it can work really well for me with the oil. Coconut oil seems to work best for me which is shocking because I usually cannot use it unless it's just a treatment and then I have to wash it out.

So thanks everyone. While I don't see myself using gel ALL the time.. it sure is nice to have a second method of doing my hair besides wash n gos!