View Poll Results: Did you like your hair better before or after finding
Before 7 10.45%
After 53 79.10%
No difference 7 10.45%
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Like your hair better before or after

I voted before. It's not that my hair was so much better, it's just that like others, I didn't worry so much about having "perfect" looking curls. I also had a set routine that I always used and hardly ever deviated from it and didn't spend a fortune trying out new products that hardly ever worked for me. My hair was much more consistant back then even though I had a bit more frizz than now.

This really dawned on me the other day when my husband said to me that he doesn't know why I do all of this crazy stuff to my hair. He said my hair doesn't look any better than it did before I started my quest for better hair. Of course he assured me that my hair doesn't look bad, it never did.
I voted before, for a couple of reasons. One reason is because since my favorite gel was reformulated (almost 6 years ago) I have not been able to find a replacement that I like as much. The second reason is that in the past few years, due to some hormonal issues and a pregnancy, my hair has gotten much thinner and has lost a lot of curl. That being said, I have gotten a ton of great advice from all the curlies here and I feel a lot more normal knowing that I'm not the only one who obsesses about my hair.
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I voted before.
I found this site because I went thru some medical problems and lost over half of my hair. Had a reverse mohawk!?!? Or I should say how a man loses his hair??
It hasn't looked the same since all that happened.

But I love the site and everyone who is here!!
And it's not so much that my hair has changed, it's me that's changed!
I learned there's lots of people out there just like me. I learned what to do and not to do to keep my hair healthy and happy. I learned I can use cheap easy to find products.
Most of all, I learned to stop worrying about it! If it a windy humid day and my hair frizzes up, so what. If it's limp the next day, big deal. Maybe the next day it will be a great hair day!
I would give almost anything to have had this website available back when I was young (not possible since the internet was even around yet!).
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
Exactly my viewpoint! I may not have a great hair day every day, but I've realized that cone and sulfate free is what my hair needs, so at least it's healthy. And I still get compliments.
3B Corkscrew... I'm back on the boards now! Just got The Big Chop on Monday, pics coming soon.
another no difference. Although I have learned about better products, etc, I did love my curls before and they always looked nice. So that part didn't change. I don't obsess over my hair, never did, although I've always taken care of it. I used "bad" products before and my hair looked good. I use "better" products now but my hair doesn't look much different. Cones didn't kill my hair before. I have changed my hairstyle over the years from ideas and things I learned here. I already used a gentle shampoo and great conditioner, but being here gave me a whole new outlook on styling products (although I've yet to find my HG styler!).

The main thing is that I now have a whole website of curly friends that I can share hair and stuff with, that I didn't have before.

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No's so much better now! Wow, I actually doubted my hair would ever look this good. It's curlier, healthier and more manageable than it's ever been.
Definitely after. Before I straightened/relaxed my hair everyday for 10 years. Mostly because I was frustrated because I was totally clueless on how to manage/style, care for my curls. After finding, I am a lot more informed and you have all helped me learn how to style/care for my hair. I've learned great techniques, tips, and tricks. I've been wearing it curly ever since and it looks good Now I don't have perfect hair but it works for me.

I'll admit that I've been spending more $$ trying out different products but I am happy with the some of the goodies I've found along the way.
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