edited**: LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR! how to?

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look at this beautiful hair. how to?
Posted: Nov 28, 2006 4:38 PM

Or watch this:

http://tinyurl.com/yn8jps< /a>


lol, sooo

I have naturaly curly 3A hair, but not as nice as that. I especially love her bangs, and how she has curly hair on the top as well as the bottom, unlike me , mine gets flat on the top which is really annoying, ha. I want my hair looking the same on the top as it does the bottom, I want my bangs like hers, mine usually just go into a weird wave if i don't do anything to them, but hers look so nice!, any ideas how?

especially, how does she do her bangs to make them go like that? any suggestions ?

**also, do you guys know of any stylists/experts that you can email about your questions (concerning this) so that they will answer back shortly?

main question : how do you get your curls equal all over, curly on top and curly on bottom,

please and thank you
She is so pretty.

What helps my hair to have curl/wave down the entire length is diffusing-even if it's just for five minutes.

I use clips at the roots when I air dry but they only give me lift at the roots-they don't produce the same results for me as diffusing does.

I don't have bangs, so I'm no help with that.
My new hair idol! I have side bangs so I know how you feel. Sometimes if I bobby pin them when their wet I can get a wavy front section like that. Can't wait for them to grow out!
Starting my curly resolution! 3a/3b with some waves thrown in. Haven't been CG in a while. Need product suggestions.
OMG, Who is that? If my hair looked like that I could die and be happy knowing that my hair looked awsome.
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UGH! I just spent a half hour fixing my bangs and they still look like crap. Not Fair!!!!!
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aww, haha
thanks all!
that would be taylor swift, a new country singer! she has an awesome song, if you like country music, hehe
any other tips?
I have 2C/3A fine BSL blond hair that I style similar to this when I have a lot of extra time in the morning to mess with my hair.

While my hair is still wet I put in a little cream styler (I.C.O.N. Antidote) from my ears on down and spray gel on my roots (Sap Moss styling spray). First I diffuse to 80% dry upside down, then stand up straight and carefully scrunch the crown area with the diffuser to get the curls lifted away from my scalp (but not create a lot of frizz).

Before my hair is totally dry I then pull out and finger curl small 1" sections of hair all over my head and pin with clips. My bangs are long (between nose and chin) and I clip these up into finger curls also. After this I put a little more warm air on the curls until mostly dry.

After this I put on my makeup, get dressed etc. Then I take out the clips and hair looks great. However, this takes a bit of time and I only do it a day or two a week. I'm sure you could also get the same effect if you used a curling iron...but it's not so good to your hair.

Hope this helps
when you say finger curl is that like the pin curls they use to do on peoples hair a long time ago
Hi Missy60. Yes, exactly. I just wrap my hair around a finger all the way up to my scalp. Pull out the finger and clip. It's quite easy - just a little time consuming.
Thank you everyone!
Anyone have any other suggestions? Take a look at the edit?
Hi Missy60. Yes, exactly. I just wrap my hair around a finger all the way up to my scalp. Pull out the finger and clip. It's quite easy - just a little time consuming.
Originally Posted by AudioAngel
What do you use to clip? I've tried this using regular clips like you use to clip your hair back, but haven't perfected it. It makes very boingy curls and takes a long time to do.

Remember usually when we see celebrities, they have stylists who do their hair and not only spend hours on it, but use curlers and such and can do things we couldn't do without help!

With that said, I also agree with the person who mentioned diffusing. Even if I diffuse my hair for a short time and it's not dry yet, it helps with getting more curl. HTH

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Hi Lazykerri, I usually use those short flat metal clips (the same as the Deva clips). You have to be careful with these as they will snag your hair. It does seem like it takes a LONG time to do my hair like this, thats why I don't do it every day, but it looks great when I do. I've worked so hard to get my long hair in good condition and I don't want to fry it again by using a curling iron.

The trick for me is not to leave the clips in too long, (no more than 15-20 minutes) otherwise I get those spring-like curls that dont relax down all day. If I take my hair down before it is totally dry, it relaxes a little and looks like the girl's hair in the picture.

If I leave them in too long then I'm not happy with my hair as it looks like I have springs stuck all over my head and has that overly "tried to curl my hair" look about it.

I've noticed when I do my hair this way it also seems to cut down on any frizz issues from just letting it dry on its own or by diffusing. This I like
Wow, her hair is so gorgeous. What I love is that it looks so soft and touchable. How do you get it to look soft (not product-y) and still controlled? If I knew, then my hair problems would be solved!
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Hey katelynmorse,
We hire the best stylist in the industry and pay them five thousand dollars a day to follow us around and make us look perfect!
She sang the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day at the Detroit Lions game.
But I wasn't able to go and see her hair in person
I hate my foot, I hate my foot, I hate my foot.
My husband was there and I showed him her picture. I asked what her hair looked like and he gave me the: "Are you crazy look?"
So, I am assuming she was there but he had no hair info??

Now, he knew every detail of the game??

I said beautifu girl? Blonde? You have no details?
Got to love him...
She has gorgeous hair. I don't know how she gets it but the only way I can get curls to the root at my bangs is after combing in my products I then scrunch upside down, and I mean that wet scrunch or it won't do right. After I have scrunched the curls back in (upside down) I put 3 clips in front to give lift and then plop for 20 min. After I take that down, find my part. I take the dryer and dry around my ears a little (remember in the 80's when we used to take hairspray and a comb and hold it out) don't do that just get the dampness out. Then I take 3 fingers and grab the roots of my bangs and pull them down towards my eyebrows but up a little and point the dryer there with a little spray you will get some lift. Dry this part well but don't dry the rest let that air dry completely then scrunch out crunch if needed.
I hope this makes sense and works. I just played around one dayand this worked for me. My hair is so long and heavy I had to try something.
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Its the perfect summerhair
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I remember reading (possibly in US weekly) that she washes her hair at night and in the morning uses a curling iron on the top and her bangs and to fix any frizzies.
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I really love her curls in her other video "Teardrops On My Guitar" .. holy cow, talk about Hair Idol !! Look here.
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